Cloud Services

Realize your Cloud potential with ASP Computer Services, ASPCOM.

Depending on your needs you can benefit from moving some or all of your services to the Cloud.

What are some of the benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Reduce your onsite costs
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Run your systems on the latest high performance hardware
  • Run your systems on the latest software versions
  • Scale up or down quickly and easily
  • Only pay for the resources that you need – Hardware, Software and Internet
  • Increased security
  • Increase uptime
  • Predictable monthly costs

We run our Cloud Environment from the Internode Data Centre ADL6 in the Adelaide CBD.  ASP Computer Services have 24×7 un restricted access to the site closely located to our office.  Our environment is built for high performance and reliability using the latest enterprise products from HP, IBM, CISCO and APC.   If you would rather run your own dedicated equipment we can allocate you rack space and internet connectivity as required.

Having your servers in a Data Centre gives you a far better result than you can achieve in your own office especially in regards to the environment.  The ADL6 Data Centre has advanced systems for:

  • Security – Monitored security, Secured Racks, Biometric Authentication, Video Surveillance
  • Power – Dual power feeds to every rack protected by UPS and diesel generator onsite
  • Environmental – Site is maintained at a uniform level for humidity and temperature
  • Fire Protection – Smoke and Fire detection systems with a FM-200 gas suppression system
  • Connectivity – Support from all major telecommunication carriers.  High performance internet and private network connections at any bandwidth required
  • Management – 24×7 support and monitoring team to ensure the highest availability for the site

Cloud Services that we provide are:

  • Server Hosting
  • Remote Desktop Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Hosted Exchange
  • SharePoint Servers
  • Cloud Backup
  • Hosted Applications
  • Web Filtering
  • Web Hosting
  • Office 365

If you are interested in discussing any of these solutions just give us a call or send an email and we would be more than happy to help.  We can discuss your needs and demo the solutions to ensure they meet the requirements of your business.  Wonder what your current system would be like in the cloud?  We can demo that to you so you will know exactly what to expect when you make the shift.

Does ASP Computer Services run its own servers and systems in the Cloud?   Yes we do!